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KC Partnership values our referral partners. When you refer your customers, friends, or family to us and they purchase either full inspection or the non-inspection option of the Tax Depreciation Schedule, we will reward you with a gift voucher. 

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Residential Tax Depreciation Packages

With KC Partnership, you may choose from three different home residential tax depreciation packages. Add your chosen residential tax depreciation package to your shopping basket. Secondly, go to the cart and fill it in with your details. As soon as we confirm your payment, we will reduce your taxable income to help you save money through our residential tax depreciation report.

Inquiries? Speak with a Quantity Surveyor!

KC Partnership’s residential team prides itself on maximising returns for our clients, always going the extra mile. We are Australian’s leading tax depreciation specialists who completing in excess of 3,000+ reports annually. Each report is prepared and reviewed by a Quantity Surveyor, to ensure you receive high quality, precise tax depreciation report.

Where site inspections are needed, our surveyors perform a thorough inspection of your property including any common areas needed to complete your tax depreciation schedule. This will then be submitted to your accountant who will claim your tax refund where available.

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Specialising in Depreciation For Over 15 Years

KC Partnership has been providing professional tax depreciation services to our commercial clients since 2005. We have a Quantity Surveying experience on most property types, from Vineyards through to 5* Resorts. Employing a Quantity Surveyor to complete your Commercial Tax Depreciation Schedule should not be taken lightly. Commercial property is very different from Residential and involves having a team with extensive experience with the current legislation and estimating of commercial property. Remember not all Quantity Surveyors are able to complete a depreciation schedule, it is a complex area and should only be completed by an appropriatly qualified company.

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Building client’s wealth is one of our missions in KC Partnership. We aim to increase client’s cash flow through depreciation. 



As a chartered Quantity Surveyor specialized in tax, we work closely with accountants that provide bilingual services. 


Our professional Quantity Surveyors have put together a frequency asked questions for our clients. If you have any further questions, click the button below and we will get in touch shortly. 

My property has been refurbished can i depreciate these costs?

Most older style properties will have had some sort of refurbishment work, whether a new kitchen or bathroom which will attract depreciation. Our Quantity Surveyor will be able to establish the cost of the works even if you don’t have receipts to include within your depreciation schedule.

How do you estimate the costs for the depreciation schedule?

The ATO have recognised that Quantity Surveyors are one of the few professionals to have the appropriate skills to calculate the cost of items for the purposes of depreciation in accordance with TR 97/25. We prepare depreciation schedules for all property types, estimating the historical construction costs using our extensive cost databases and in house resources.

What is the difference of a depreciation report and a valuation report?

A depreciation report shows the yearly tax depreciation of your investment property for a series of years, which can be used at your tax return to help reduce your taxable income and thus reducing your tax payable. The depreciation calculation is based on the construction cost with a fair allowance for the purchase price.

A valuation report shows the value of your property at a specific time point that you can use to calculate your capital gain or loss when you sell the property. The valuation of a property is based on the market condition as well as many other property attributes.

Is it worth to have a depreciation report if the property is more than 10 year’s old?

This will be a case by case scenario and will also need to take account of when you made the purchase (referring to the next question). Technically speaking, the depreciation of capital structures will be 40 years, which include both the originally constructed structures and any other additions in the years after, starting from the time when that structure was established. However, the value of the depreciation varies due to the condition of the property as well.

I just changed my main occupancy to an investment property, how will the depreciation be affected?
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