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Residential Tax Depreciation Packages

With KC Partnership, you may choose from three different home residential tax depreciation packages. Add your chosen residential tax depreciation package to your shopping basket. Secondly, go to the cart and fill it in with your details. As soon as we confirm your payment, we will reduce your taxable income to help you save money through our residential tax depreciation report.

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Maximise Your Tax Deductions

When it comes to tax deductions, real estate investments, and valuations, KC Partnership is the expert. We place a high value on helping you keep more of your own cash in your pocket.

If you don’t see a return on your investment of double the price in the first full tax year, the tax depreciation report is yours for free! If you’re an investor, you can get a Depreciation Report from us for as little as $395 +GST and a short turnaround time.

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Our Commercial Clients

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CrystalBrook Collections

Over the course of two years, KC Partnership has collaborated with CrystalBrook Collections. We offer expert Quantity Surveying services, including cost planning, tax depreciation schedules, and progress claims for newly constructed buildings.

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Novotel hotel

Novotel, a 4.5-star hotel in the heart of Brisbane's central business district, has chosen us to take care of its assets, including its tax depreciation. The 2019 addition of the hotel's award-winning Spice restaurant and bar brings the total number of rooms to 238.

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Aristocrat Technologies

KC Partnership successfully provided Tax Depreciation Services for Aristocrats Australia’s headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Deliverables include reports for both Aristocrat Technologies (tenant) and Goodman (landlord).

Specialising in Tax Depreciation for Over 15 Years

Since 2005, KC Partnership has been helping our business clients minimize their income taxes by depreciating assets. Our quantity surveying expertise spans a wide range of projects, from vineyards to five-star hotels and resorts. Employing a Quantity Surveyor to complete your Commercial Tax Depreciation Schedule should not be taken lightly.

When it comes to tax depreciation, commercial real estate is treated very differently than residential. It requires a team well-versed in the laws and regulations currently in effect, as well as commercial property valuation. Keep in mind that some Quantity Surveyors may lack the necessary expertise to finish a depreciation schedule. It's important to hire a specialized company for this job because of the level of complexity involved.


Start getting massive tax deductions

Protecting your financial resources is our top priority. Our chartered quantity surveyors will assist you in maximising your tax deductions.  

My property has been refurbished. Can I depreciate these costs?

Depreciation is likely higher for older properties that have had renovations, like installing a new kitchen or bathroom. If you don’t have any invoices to include in your depreciation schedule, our Quantity Surveyor can nevertheless determine how much the works cost.

How do you estimate the costs for the depreciation schedule?

Under TR 97/25, the ATO acknowledges that Quantity Surveyors are among the few professions with the requisite knowledge to determine the cost of assets for depreciation purposes. Our depreciation schedules accurately estimate the historical building costs based on our large cost databases and in-house resources, and we generate them for all property kinds.

What is the difference between a depreciation report and a valuation report?

When filing your taxes, you can take advantage of the yearly tax depreciation of your investment property over a series of years by referring to a depreciation report. Depreciation is computed using the original construction cost less a reasonable discount for the purchase price.

A valuation report shows the value of your property at a specific time that you can use to calculate your capital gain or loss when you sell the property. The valuation of a property is based on the market condition and many other attributes.

If the building is older than 10 years, should you still get a depreciation report?

This will depend on the situation’s specifics and the date you made the purchase (referring to the next question). Capital structures will be depreciated over a period of 40 years, beginning with the date of construction and including any subsequent alterations. It’s important to note that the property’s condition also affects the depreciation value.

What kind of depreciation should I consider now that my main residence is also an investment property?

Schedules using both the prime cost method and the diminishing value method are presented, each covering a period of 40 years. It is ATO policy to determine the effective life of capital allowances and capital works. Since the annual depreciation amounts will remain the same regardless of the number of years displayed, this is an acceptable solution.

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“The process was easy with the survey booked in quick. I definitely recommend KC Partnership”

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“They did a depreciation schedule for me in 2010. unfortunately, somehow I lost it! But they were happy to send me another copy 7 years later free of charge.”

Frazer Jackson

“Very affordable price and provided quick and efficient service. Will be coming back for future investments”

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